At best friends grooming we strive our best to do the most quality care possible. When you schedule a grooming apointment with us we have got your dog covered in all aspects of cleanliness, stylish looks, and health benifits that come from grooming.


Our grooming is only done by the best groomers with top quality materials to ensure your dog is smelling and feeling its fresh.

Coat cuts

No matter what type of coat your dog has you can trust that we will have your dogs coat properly maintained and your beloved fur baby will be absolutely thrilled and relieved about the way its fur will feel.

Nails, Ears, Feet and Sanitary trims

We have got you covered so you can trust that your dog will be feeling its best with no hang nails, ear infections or unsanitary rears or undersides. 

Call us today to book an appointment and customize your dogs grooming experience to your liking and your dogs needs.