Nails, Ears, Feet and Sanitary trims

When you get your pet groomed with us we also make sure that a dog’s nails, ears, feet, rear, and underside are all good. This is a crucial part to your dogs well being and neglect of these things can lead to many more serious health problems than most think. Dogs nails need to be taken care of because they can cause extreme pain for a dog and over long term will cause posture, joint, and possible bone issues. Ears are a very important part as well to be taken care of. Not taking regular care of dogs ears can cause ear infection and possible early loss of hearing. You don’t have to be worried by any of these things. When you get your dog groomed we will make sure we take care of all these things which can greatly affect your dogs health and well being. The best part about it is you don’t have to worry about accidentally making your dogs nails bleed or other possibilities like that. We have got you covered so you can trust that your dog will be feeling its best with no hang nails, ear infections or unsanitary rears or undersides.