At best friends grooming we strive our hardest to give you the best service you can get. When you get your pet groomed with us we bath your furry friend. Your pet most obviously is going to have all the dirt and grime eliminated. Also your animal will have its dead skin removed in the process. All this is done with top quality shampoo to ensure your dog is smelling fresh. After grooming your dog will also have so much of a softer coat due to the materials we use that will soften and maintain the moisture in their coat. Fresher, cleaner, and healthier fur means your dog is a lot less likely to shed as much freeing you up from having to vacuum all the time and resulting in much less dog fur around the house. Most often bacteria and all the dirt in your dog’s coat can build up and cause either humans or even the animal itself to get allergies. Our bathing helps to keep allergies at bay as well as helping with early indicators of health problems or discovering current health problems and monitoring ticks and fleas. After bathing we make sure their fur is properly dried and ensure there is no remaining excessive moisture which can lead to bacterial growth if not done properly. Don’t worry about anything like that happening because we are experienced professionals and ready to treat each animal to the best of our abilities.