Flea Info

This particular pest is very hard to completely eliminate. The flea in America has 300 different species throughout the nation and has around 2,000 species worldwide. Fleas pass from egg to adult in an average of 23 days and they can live from a couple months to about a year. Over their time alive, a fleas life can be broken down into 4 different stages. Egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The Flees first hatch from eggs into larvae. The larvae begin feeding on whatever animal it was laid on. Oftentimes the Larvae can fall off during this stage. However it’s not over for them. They just settle into the environment for a time. During this time they also make a cocoon and turn into the third stage of a flea’s life the pupae. Over a few days or longer the pupae will turn into an adult flea. Once fully developed an adult flea will proceed with its thousands of other brothers and sisters to find a host animal. This whole process takes on average 20 days with perfect conditions however if the conditions are not excellent for them they will actually wait in between stages until they will change in ideal conditions. Because fleas have these four stages it makes them extremely hard to remove from your pet. Even if you completely destroy all the adults there are still all the other generations of the pesky pest waiting.  When on an animal fleas feed from 10-15 times a day. Females need blood to lay eggs. A singular Female flea can lay up to 50 flea eggs a day. With that kind of production rate a flea infestation can happen in a few months and get very serious. In order for flees to be able to get onto an animal they have to jump. Fleas can jump up to 150 times their body length to latch themselves to a warm blooded animal. If your dog or cat gets fleas they can and most likely will spread around inside. Fleas will most likely spread around to places like your carpet, upholstered furniture, and your pet bed. Fleas are known for possibly carrying bacteria and parasites. If a little animal gets Fleas and it’s a severe infestation so much blood can get taken that it will make a little animal sick. What can you do if fleas begin spreading in your home? You should clean and vacuum your house frequently. You should also wash your bed sheets very frequently. One of the best things to do if you think you have a flea infestation is to call a professional pest management service. Fleas are horrible and can spread very quickly. Checking your dog for fleas and getting your animal groomed will help to keep your animal out of huge discomfort and eliminate one common way for fleas to get into your house.