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Quality Pet Grooming in Eugene Oregon

We are experienced Pet Grooming professionals based out of Eugene Oregon who provide a lot of wonderful benefits for both dog and owner alike. If you do not already do so then you should take your pet to the dog groomers regularly. It is important that a dog look their best at all times and the dog groomers is the place to make sure that happens. In addition, many pet owners do not realize the other diverse benefits that come along with getting a dog groomed by a professional pet groomer and stylist. Best Friends offers all the finest benefits and cleanliness services for your dog. Here are some reasons for getting your furry friends groomed.

Better hygiene: Obviously getting your dog professionally groomed will help with getting rid of dirt, grime, and dead skin build ups. This will leave your dogs smelling fresh and looking great.

Flea prevention: Groomers eliminate fleas, ticks, and other pests that can be harmful to the dog. We are trained to find and remove ticks in places that an average owner might overlook which means that they often save both dog and owner from getting a potentially harmful disease or infection from a flea or tick. It is especially important for families who have children or other pets that could become infected through the pests.

Possible ear infection prevention: Things can begin to build up and get stuck in your dogs ears. Ear infections are a primary cause of dogs loosing hearing. Getting your dog groomed regularly will help to prevent ear infections and cause dogs hearing to last for a much longer time.

Long nails lead to bad things: Your dogs nails grow. When they become too long it can hurt dogs to walk and thus causing them change there posture because of the discomfort. This can be very harmful and can cause serious problems over long term.

Can improve pets behavior: Dog groomers can help improve a pet’s behavior. This is because dog groomers are also trained to keep a dog in line while they are being washed and clipped. Many studies have shown that dog groomers also help with behavior because it is beneficial for an animal to learn behavior-related tactics from someone other than just their owner. Socialization is also an important part of behavior with animals and at the dog groomers, dogs are exposed to other animals that will help them learn to behave more appropriately than if they never went to the dog groomers.

Getting your dog groomed reduces the chance of flees, helps to prevent current or future health problems, and makes your dog smell and look fresh. People often make the mistake of trying to skip the dog groomers and groom their pet at home. Inevitably, skipping the dog groomers once is a mistake that very few people make again because it is impossible to correctly wash and clip an animal without proper training. This is especially true for certain breeds that require very particular styling that is difficult for the average person to replicate because of the animal’s challenging coat or specific health needs.

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Why us?

We are specialists in pet grooming who have all the proper tools, products, and experience needed to professionally groom your pet. Every pet is different as well as the owner’s preferences. We will groom your pets needs as well as any preferences you have for your dog. We offer a safe environment so you can be comfortable and confident with us taking care of your pet. Ensuring your pet will have a good time, be feeling great, and you are pleased with the result is our goal. Our experience covers all different types of dogs, no matter what age or breed you have, we have got the skills.

 ✔️We are specialized in pet grooming in Eugene Or.

✔️We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to provide professional high quality grooming to your pets.

✔️We are equipped and ready to provide the best services possible no matter how matted your animals fur coat may be or how burley their nails may be.

✔️Every pet owner is different and we keep this in mind. We tailor to your preferences, striving to have both you and your pet pleased with the end results.

Have any questions? We understand the value of great service. Our specialist groomers are here to help your pet and provide you with the best possible service. If you have any inquiries don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have….